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Reviews From Laval
Testimonials From Laval
They did a great job! I’m very, very satisfied!
Testimonial by Paul D. from Laval, QC
Your employees are very professional, the work was very well done, and I am very satisfied!
Testimonial by Nathalie G. from Laval, QC
They were dynamic, and knew what they were doing. I am very satisified with the work. I would give Purlift an A+!
Testimonial by Dino T. from Auteuil, QC

Concrete Stabilization | Laval, QC

PURLIFT provides a modern & innovative approach to lifting & leveling concrete slabs.  When sidewalks, driveways, and concrete steps start to crack and become uneven, that is a sign that the soil underneath them is either corroding or settling from the weight.  The PolyLevel™ technique consists of drilling small holes throughout the slab in various places, and injecting an expanding foam in precise amounts.  This foam will not only lift & level the concrete slab, but will fill the voids causing it to sink.  This method is effective, long lasting, and opposed to concrete replacement; not destructive.

PURLIFT is one of the elite trusted PolyLevel™ dealers.  Our technicians were fully trained at the exclusive Foundation Supportworks facility.  We offer the PolyLevel™ system for residential, commercial & municipal projects.  Before your sinking concrete slab becomes a liability, contact us for a FREE consultation.

PolyLevel™ Uses:

  • Uneven Roads & Bridges
  • Pipeline Trench Breakers
  • Infrastructure Repair
  • Basement Floors
  • Pool Decks
  • Patios
  • Sidewalks
  • Driveways
  • Parking Lots & Garages
  • Many, Many More!!

PolyLevel™ is environmentally-friendly & does not release harmful chemicals.

We also repair cracked concrete in Laval

PURLIFT offers NexusPro concrete crack repair in Laval and the surrounding areas. NexusPro cures quickly, can be installed year-round, and is resistant to UV rays. Get in touch for a free cracked concrete repair estimate by our trusted local technicians today!

Work Requests From Laval, QC
Vicinity of Rue André in Laval
J'aimerais nivelé mon plancher de béton du sous sol . Pour que après j'installe un plancher flottant merci
Vicinity of Tourigny in Laval
Garage floor
Vicinity of Rue Isabelle in Laval
Backyard stairs (3 steps) leading from lawn area to concrete around the pool are on a slant from right to left. The left side being lower.
Vicinity of in Laval
I need to level the cement around my Inground pool
Vicinity of Rue De Ronchamp in Laval
Trottoir de piscine abaissé. (1 X 3 mètres)
Vicinity of Rue Des Pinsons in Laval
J'ai 2 balcons dont les escaliers de 2 marches sont affaissées, l'escalier du côté rue des Martinet sont enfoncées d'environ 4 pouces celles côté rue des Pinsons d'environ 1 pouce. Les marchés ont environ 6 pieds de long par 4 et 7 pouces de haut. Merci de bien vouloir m'envoyer une soumission.
Vicinity of Arthur-Rousseau in Laval
Pour une partie d'un trottoir de pourtour de piscine.
Vicinity of Elaine in Laval
The concrete slab at the base of my wooden staircase needs to be lifted.
Vicinity of De Meulles in Laval
Bonjour! J'ai un dalle de béton qui s'est affaissé et cassée sous un escalier extérieur et j'aimerais avoir votre opinion quant aux solutions pour remettre le tout en état. Merci!
Vicinity of Rue Du Domaine in Laval
The cement around pool is cracked
Vicinity of Des Sizerins in Laval
I had an estimate done last year which was more than we wanted to spend. However, with the 10% discount offered, we would like to revisit that offer.
Vicinity of Rue Jovette in Laval
Outside stairs has shifted away from the house.
Vicinity of Terrasse Trepanier in Laval
Bonjour j ai acquis recemment un bungalow a Laval avec une piscine creusee en beton. la dalle de beton autour de la piscine est fissurée et presente certains decalages. j aurais voulu savoir si vous pourriez passer voir si c est reparable? merci cordialement
Vicinity of Des Cedres in Laval
Dalle d'entree qui s'affaise dans la glaise causant abaissement du toit Dalle exterieure de la maison
Vicinity of De La Canardière in Laval
Le trotoire de notre piscine creuse est affaisse. Nous aimerions avoir une soumission
Vicinity of Av.marc Aurèle Fortin in Laval
Hi je veus soulever l'escalier beton de debout jusaua 2eme
Vicinity of in Laval
Bonjour j'aimerais une soumission pour nivelé quelques dalles autour de ma piscine. Merci.
Vicinity of Clarendon in Laval
Slab of cement has sank. We need to elevate. Step is 10 inches in height.
Vicinity of Ave Du Saguenay in Laval
Around the pool cement
Vicinity of in Laval
Je souhaite une estimation pour une réparation de trottoir brisé en deux sections d'une largeur de approx. 60 pouces. Je peux vous envoyer des photos par courriel.
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