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The PURLIFT team, from start to finish, was professional and accommodating.
Testimonial by Karen S. from Pointe-Claire, QC

Responsible company serving Pointe-Claire, Québec

We not only adhere to the highest industry standards, we strive to be the industry leader in the home improvement related services we provide. We also use state-of-the-art products and technology which are designed to fix your home. We are the authorized in Pointe-Claire, QC.

Services we offer in Pointe-Claire:

  • Concrete lifting & leveling
  • Concrete crack repairs
  • Financing Available
  • FREE written estimates and inspections, and fast installation
Case Studies From Pointe-Claire
Project: 6,300 square foot police station with adjacent public security office and fire station had sunk up to three inches. Installer: PURLIFT...
Work Requests From Pointe-Claire, QC
Project Location: Pointe-Claire, QC
Lift up one stair which is too high for seniors
Project Location: Pointe-Claire, QC
Front door walkway - one section of concrete sunk in... needs leveling. Section is about 5ft x 6ft. I'd like a quote please.
Project Location: Pointe-Claire, QC
Not sure if you do this, Our cement window well retaining wall has come off the house wall be 2-3 inches. I can send you a picture to better explain the problem
Project Location: Pointe-Claire, QC
Want to raise path to front of house
Project Location: Pointe-Claire, QC
Front steps concrete sunk
Project Location: Pointe-Claire, QC
Our front concrete porch has dropped as well as our front walkway. We would like to have it repaired.
Project Location: Pointe-Claire, QC
Bonjour La dalle de béton de l'entrée principale de la maison est affaissée de 3-4 pouces. Elle fait 8'x 3'. Je peux vous envoyer une photo. J'aimerais avoir une évaluation pour la redresser. Merci
Project Location: Pointe-Claire, QC
Concrete walkway around in-ground pool has shifted and needs to be repaired to be level
Project Location: Pointe-Claire, QC
Concrete slabs beside foundation are sloped towards the house, had gotten worse over the last 2 years...also have a problem with garage floor slab, its cracked and sinking as well. Thank you.
Project Location: Pointe-Claire, QC
Hi, we have an in-ground pool and have a few spots around it dipping and cracking. would like to have someone come out when the snow ids gone for an estimate on how much it would cost to repair.
Project Location: Pointe-Claire, QC
We have a concrete slab for our patio area. The slab has cracked and half has sunken. We are looking at options to repair it. Thank you.
Project Location: Pointe-Claire, QC
Bonjour je voudrais une soumission pour lever le trottoir en ciment en avant de la maison pour se rendre à la porte d'entrée.
Project Location: Pointe-Claire, QC
Hi, I am interested in having an inspection and a quote from you, to have my basement slab improved. The slab has several thin cracks and is not perfectly level. It also needs a smoother finish.
Project Location: Pointe-Claire, QC
2) Old concrete front step slopes into front entrance. 2) crack in walkway to step
Project Location: Pointe-Claire, QC
Hi! We are looking to get an estimate for pool deck slabs that are sinking (there are cracks in some places of the concrete as well). Thanks!
Project Location: Pointe-Claire, QC
Need to fill space under my front stairs, cover break in concrete
Project Location: Pointe-Claire, QC
I have a concrete platform at the front door of my house that has sunk by about 12"and I would like to know if you can raise it to it's original level or close to it Thanks,
Project Location: Pointe-Claire, QC
Je veux réparer les marches en béton (affaissement et dégradation du béton). Merci.
Project Location: Pointe-Claire, QC
I have void spaces under my garage slab and would like to fill the space instead of removing the slab.
Project Location: Pointe-Claire, QC
Our front steps/porch are pulling away from the house. About 2in gap between house and stairs.
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H9R 4M7, H9R 4M8, H9R 4N2, H9R 4N5, H9R 4N9, H9R 4P3, H9R 4R5, H9R 4R6, H9R 4R7, H9R 4R8, H9R 4R9, H9R 4S1, H9R 4S2, H9R 4S3, H9R 4S4, H9R 4S5, H9R 4S6, H9R 4S7, H9R 4S8, H9R 4S9, H9R 4T1, H9R 4T2, H9R 4T5, H9R 4T6, H9R 4T7, H9R 4V1, H9R 4V2, H9R 4V3, H9R 4V5, H9R 4V6, H9R 4V7, H9R 4V8, H9R 4V9, H9R 4W1, H9R 4W2, H9R 4W4, H9R 4W5, H9R 4W6, H9R 4X2, H9R 4X3, H9R 4X4, H9R 4X5, H9R 4X6, H9R 4X7, H9R 4X9, H9R 4Y1, H9R 4Y2, H9R 4Y3, H9R 4Y4, H9R 4Y5, H9R 4Y6, H9R 4Y7, H9R 4Y8, H9R 4Y9, H9R 4Z1, H9R 4Z2, H9R 4Z3, H9R 4Z5, H9R 4Z6, H9R 4Z7, H9R 5A2, H9R 5A3, H9R 5A4, H9R 5A5, H9R 5A6, H9R 5A7, H9R 5A8, H9R 5A9, H9R 5B1, H9R 5B2, H9R 5B3, H9R 5B4, H9R 5B5, H9R 5B6, H9R 5B7, H9R 5B9, H9R 5C1, H9R 5C2, H9R 5C4, H9R 5C6, H9R 5C7, H9R 5C8, H9R 5C9, H9R 5E1, H9R 5E2, H9R 5E3, H9R 5E4, H9R 5E5, H9R 5E6, H9R 5E7, H9R 5E8, H9R 5E9, H9R 5G3, H9R 5G5, H9R 5G6, H9R 5H2, H9R 5H3, H9R 5H4, H9R 5H8, H9R 5J1, H9R 5J2, H9R 5J5, H9R 5J6, H9R 5J8, H9R 5K3, H9R 5K9, H9R 5L3, H9R 5L5, H9R 5L6, H9R 5L7, H9R 5L8, H9R 5L9, H9R 5M1, H9R 5M2, H9R 5M3, H9R 5M4, H9R 5M5, H9R 5M6, H9R 5M7, H9R 5M8, H9R 5M9, H9R 5N2, H9R 5N3, H9R 5N4, H9R 5N5, H9R 5N6, H9R 5N7, H9R 5N8, H9R 5N9, H9R 5P1, H9R 5P4, H9R 5P5, H9R 5P6, H9R 5P9, H9R 5R2, H9R 5R3, H9R 5R4, H9R 5R6, H9R 5R7, H9R 5R8, H9R 5R9, H9R 5S1, H9R 5S2, H9R 5S3, H9R 5S4, H9R 5S5, H9R 5S6, H9R 5S7, H9R 5S8, H9R 5S9, H9R 5T1, H9R 5T2, H9R 5T3, H9R 5T4, H9R 5T5, H9R 5T6, H9R 5T7, H9R 5T8, H9R 5T9, H9R 5V1, H9R 5V2, H9R 5V3, H9R 5V4, H9R 5V5, H9R 5V6, H9R 5V7, H9R 5V8, H9R 5V9, H9R 5W1, H9R 5W2, H9R 5W3, H9R 5W4, H9R 5W5, H9R 5W8, H9R 5W9, H9R 5X1, H9R 5X2, H9R 5X3, H9R 5X4, H9R 5X5, H9R 5X7, H9R 5X8, H9R 5X9, H9R 5Y1, H9R 5Y2, H9R 5Y3, H9R 5Y4, H9R 5Y5, H9R 5Y6, H9R 5Y8, H9R 5Z3, H9R 5Z4, H9R 5Z5, H9R 5Z7, H9R 5Z8, H9R 5Z9, H9R 6A1, H9R 6A2, H9R 6A3, H9R 6A6, H9R 6A7, H9R 6A8, H9R 6A9, H9R 6B1, H9R 6B2, H9R 6B3, H9R 6B4, H9R 6B5, H9R 6B6, H9R 6B7, H9R 6B8, H9R 6B9, H9R 6C1, H9R 6C2, H9R 6C3, H9S 0A2, H9S 0B3, H9S 2H9, H9S 3K7, H9S 3K9, H9S 3X6, H9S 3X8, H9S 3Y1, H9S 3Y2, H9S 3Y3, H9S 3Y4, H9S 3Y5, H9S 3Y6, H9S 3Y7, H9S 3Y8, H9S 3Y9, H9S 3Z1, H9S 3Z2, H9S 3Z3, H9S 3Z4, H9S 3Z5, H9S 3Z6, H9S 3Z7, H9S 3Z8, H9S 3Z9, H9S 4A1, H9S 4A2, H9S 4A3, H9S 4A4, H9S 4A5, H9S 4A6, H9S 4A7, H9S 4A8, H9S 4A9, H9S 4B1, H9S 4B2, H9S 4B3, H9S 4B4, H9S 4B5, H9S 4B7, H9S 4B8, H9S 4B9, H9S 4C1, H9S 4C2, H9S 4C3, H9S 4C4, H9S 4C5, H9S 4C6, H9S 4C7, H9S 4C8, H9S 4C9, H9S 4E1, H9S 4E2, H9S 4E3, H9S 4E4, H9S 4E5, H9S 4E6, H9S 4E7, H9S 4E8, H9S 4E9, H9S 4G1, H9S 4G2, H9S 4G3, H9S 4G5, H9S 4G6, H9S 4G7, H9S 4G8, H9S 4G9, H9S 4H1, H9S 4H2, H9S 4H3, H9S 4H4, H9S 4H5, H9S 4H6, H9S 4H7, H9S 4H9, H9S 4J1, H9S 4J2, H9S 4J3, H9S 4J4, H9S 4J5, H9S 4J6, H9S 4J7, H9S 4J8, H9S 4J9, H9S 4K1, H9S 4K2, H9S 4K5, H9S 4K6, H9S 4K7, H9S 4K8, H9S 4K9, H9S 4L1, H9S 4L2, H9S 4L3, H9S 4L4, H9S 4L5, H9S 4L6, H9S 4L7, H9S 4L8, H9S 4L9, H9S 4M1, H9S 4M2, H9S 4M3, H9S 4M4, H9S 4M5, H9S 4M6, H9S 4M7, H9S 4M8, H9S 4M9, H9S 4N1, H9S 4N2, H9S 4N3, H9S 4N4, H9S 4N5, H9S 4N6, H9S 4N7, H9S 4N8, H9S 4N9, H9S 4P1, H9S 4P2, H9S 4P3, H9S 4P4, H9S 4P5, H9S 4P6, H9S 4P7, H9S 4P8, H9S 4P9, H9S 4R1, H9S 4R2, H9S 4R3, H9S 4R5, H9S 4R6, H9S 4R8, H9S 4R9, H9S 4S1, H9S 4S2, H9S 4S3, H9S 4S4, H9S 4S5, H9S 4S6, H9S 4S7, H9S 4S8, H9S 4S9, H9S 4T1, H9S 4T2, H9S 4T3, H9S 4T4, H9S 4T5, H9S 4T6, H9S 4T7, H9S 4T8, H9S 4T9, H9S 4V1, H9S 4V2, H9S 4V3, H9S 4V4, H9S 4V5, H9S 4V6, H9S 4V7, H9S 4V8, H9S 4V9, H9S 4W1, H9S 4W2, H9S 4W3, H9S 4W4, H9S 4W5, H9S 4W6, H9S 4W7, H9S 4W8, H9S 4W9, H9S 4X2, H9S 4X3, H9S 4X4, H9S 4X5, H9S 4X6, H9S 4X7, H9S 4X8, H9S 4X9, H9S 4Y1, H9S 4Y2, H9S 4Y3, H9S 4Y4, H9S 4Y5, H9S 4Y6, H9S 4Y7, H9S 4Y8, H9S 4Y9, H9S 4Z1, H9S 4Z2, H9S 4Z3, H9S 4Z4, H9S 4Z5, H9S 4Z6, H9S 4Z7, H9S 4Z8, H9S 4Z9, H9S 5A1, H9S 5A2, H9S 5A3, H9S 5A4, H9S 5A5, H9S 5A6, H9S 5A7, H9S 5A8, H9S 5A9, H9S 5B1, H9S 5B2, H9S 5B3, H9S 5B4, H9S 5B5, H9S 5B6, H9S 5B7, H9S 5B8, H9S 5B9, H9S 5C1, H9S 5C2, H9S 5C3, H9S 5C4, H9S 5C5, H9S 5C6, H9S 5C7, H9S 5C8, H9S 5C9, H9S 5E1, H9S 5E2, H9S 5E3, H9S 5E4, H9S 5E5, H9S 5E6, H9S 5E7, H9S 5E8, H9S 5E9, H9S 5G1, H9S 5G2, H9S 5G3, H9S 5G4, H9S 5G5, H9S 5G6, H9S 5G7, H9S 5G8, H9S 5H2, H9S 5H3, H9S 5H4, H9S 5H5, H9S 5H6, H9S 5H7, H9S 5H8, H9S 5H9, H9S 5J1, H9S 5J2, H9S 5J4, H9S 5K4, H9S 5K5, H9S 5K6, H9S 5K7, H9S 5L4, H9S 5L5, H9S 5N3, H9S 5N4, H9S 5N5, H9S 5S6, H9S 5S7, H9S 5T4, H9S 5T5, H9S 5T6, H9S 5T7, H9S 5V1, H9S 5V2, H9S 5V3, H9S 5W9, H9S 5X9

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