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Concrete Lift and Levelling of walkway in La Prairie, QC

Concrete Lift and Levelling of walkway in La Prairie, QC

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Concrete Lift and Levelling of walkway in La Prairie, QC Concrete Lift and Levelling of walkway in La Prairie, QC

Leveled and lifted the concrete to the bottom of the stairs.

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2016 Foundation Supportworks Concrete Division Award
Supportworks named PURLIFT #24 international dealer for Total Sales Concrete Division.... [Read more]
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We not only adhere to the highest industry standards, we strive to be the industry leader in the home improvement related services we provide. We also use state-of-the-art products and technology which are designed to fix your home. We are the authorized in La Prairie, QC.

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Job Stories From La Prairie, QC
Sidewalk Repair - Concrete Lifting and Leveling in La Prairie, Qc

Mr.Gingras needed his sidewalk repaired. The walkway had sunk and was not level with its front stairway. Cracks started to form. He feared someone would get hurt and knew it would only get worse. He called Purlift to get an on-site estimate and was very pleased with the quote. He had the work done a few weeks later and now has a beautiful, stable sidewalk that is level with his stairs.

Purlift specializes in lifting and leveling concrete slabs. He is a very satisfied customer.

Concrete Lifting of walkway needed in Laprairie, QC

Mrs. Arcaro wanted to sell her house and noticed her walkway was sinking and wasn't level with her stairs so she decided to call Purlift and have the problem rectified. Pulift knew exactly what to do and got right on the job. Using a poly level to raise her walkway, we then made sure it was level. Mrs. Arcaro is completely satisfied.

Work Requests From La Prairie, QC
Project Location: La Prairie, QC
À quel courriel puis-je envoyer une photo pour vous permettre d'estimer?
Project Location: La Prairie, QC
Bonjour, On aimerait recevoir un devis pour remonter 2 marches en béton. Je peux vous envoyer des photos. Merci
Project Location: La Prairie, QC
Outside concrete patio dropped 2 inches.
Project Location: La Prairie, QC
Dalle (2 marches) de beton a remonter (redresser)
Project Location: La Prairie, QC
C'est pour des condos
Project Location: La Prairie, QC
C'est pour réparer notre trottoirs de piscine :) il est denivelé
Project Location: La Prairie, QC
Concrete structure with swimming pool equipment is slanted on one side. I would like to get it lifted to level the surface.
Project Location: La Prairie, QC
Estimé pour soulever dalles de bétons
Project Location: La Prairie, QC
Good morning, we have a couple of sunken concrete slabs around our house, and we would like to know if it is something you can fix. If you provide me an email address I can send the inspection pictures of what we would like to be done. I would like to get a price estimate, and this kind of work require us to get city approval before hand?
Project Location: La Prairie, QC
Quelques endroits sur notre site de condos
Project Location: La Prairie, QC
Section de trottoir en coin 45° (6 piedsl et en ligne droite (15 à 20 pieds). Seulement une fissure. Inclinée d'environ 1 1/2" sur un des côté.
Project Location: La Prairie, QC
Hello, I have a slab in my shop floor that seems to be sinking more each year and was wondering if mud jacking or polylevel would be possible. We use a folklift over the surface so we would need to maintain high load capacity. Thanks,
Project Location: La Prairie, QC
Bonjour, Mon trottoir sur le coté de la maison s'incline vers la maison et je voudrai faire corriger la pente.
Project Location: La Prairie, QC
Nous avons besoin d'une soumission pour soulever trottoir. Merci Diane Rouillier
Project Location: La Prairie, QC
Patio en béton surélevé qui est affaissé de 2 pouces et contour de piscine à reniveler.
Project Location: La Prairie, QC
Dalle de ciment avant qui s'est affaissée devant la maison ( dalle avec une marche) Additional information: Comment avez-vous entendu parler de nous?: Recherche Internet
Project Location: La Prairie, QC
Additional information: Comment avez-vous entendu parler de nous?: Publicité
Project Location: La Prairie, QC
I have an unground pool 24 ft in diameter with a cement walk around it. After a leak part of the walk has sunk and I would like to know how much it would cost to have it raised.
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