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Concrete Leveling and Lifting Services in Montréal, Brossard, Laval & Nearby

Quickly & effectively stabilize your sinking, settling concrete with our PolyLevel® polymer injection in Québec

Does your driveway, sidewalk, walkway, concrete steps, or patio have problem areas where sunken concrete has created uneven surfaces and trip hazards? It's a very noticeable problem that has a very simple solution.

Conditions where outdoor concrete has already begun to sink are not uncommon in Québec and are often the result of shifting or a weak soil base or erosion. If you have noticed sinking concrete near your home in Montréal, Brossard, Laval, call us today for a free estimate!

See for yourself why PolyLevel® is a smart alternative concrete repair solution.

Telltale signs of sunken concrete

  • Sinking concrete steps or sidewalks
  • Cracked, bumpy and uneven driveways or patios
  • Cracking and sinking sections of slabs
  • Washout of soils under concrete slabs
  • Repeated cracking of concrete slabs

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Which sidewalk would you prefer to walk on?

Repairing settled concrete slab in Montréal, QC Fixing sunken concrete with PolyLevel® in Montréal

Sinking sidewalks, driveways and concrete floors aren't just eyesores - they can quickly turn into safety hazards! Sinking concrete can be especially troublesome if you are:

  • Concerned about the liability of visitors tripping on your property
  • Preparing your home for sale
  • Or simply want to enjoy your home with your family and friends

Residential Concrete Lifting & Leveling Services

If you're a homeowner faced with costly repairs to your property (i.e., pool decks, cement patios), turn to PURLIFT. Our concrete raising process is clean, simple and cost-effective-instead of removing and re-pouring your concrete, we repair it on the spot, potentially saving you thousands of dollars. This lets you allocate the cost savings to other priorities. Check out all the different ways PURLIFT can help you with your residential concrete needs:

Residential concrete in Montréal Residential concrete repair in Montréal, QC
  • Sidewalks

    Uneven sidewalks are unsightly and can create trip hazards that are unsafe and expose you to unnecessary liabilities. Concrete raising and joint stabilization is an economical way to make your home safe and beautiful! PURLIFT can repair and stabilize any sidewalk that is at least 3 feet wide.

    Sinking concrete walkway in Montréal Sinking walkway repair in Montréal, QC
  • Patios

    Your patio or front porch can sink and pitch your property, causing water to flow toward your foundation. PURLIFT can raise these areas of concrete and correctly pitch the water away from your home, keeping it out of your basement.

  • Pool Decks

    Pools are great to enjoy all summer long. Keep yours safe and prevent falls by correcting uneven slabs. When polyurethane is used, repairs are barely noticeable. With small and few injection holes, your pool area will look great and be safe for you to enjoy all summer long!

  • Garage Floors

    If your garage floor is cracked or uneven, call PURLIFT! Raising cracked slabs with polyurethane can restore your garage floor, making water problems a thing of the past. If your garage floor has settled, instead of having it demolished and re-constructed-which can be costly, messy and time consuming-PURLIFT will evaluate whether concrete raising can work for you.

  • Void Filling

    Vibrations, animal damage and washouts can displace and erode supporting materials, creating voids under your concrete slabs that will cause them to sink. Filling these voids with polyurethane will raise the section to the correct level. Even if the concrete is not settled, voids can cause slabs to crack when they are not supported from beneath. Polyurethane foam can fill the void and prevent further water damage.

    Sinking concrete walkway in Montréal Sinking walkway repair in Montréal, QC
  • Driveways

    Do you notice a bump every time you pull into your driveway? PURLIFT can fix that! Cracks can be leveled by way of concrete lifting to achieve an even, smooth driveway.

    Sinking concrete walkway in Montréal Sinking walkway repair in Montréal, QC
  • Stairs

    A sunken step can be a challenge to maneuver. PURLIFT can correct your step, raising it to the standard step height required by code. Precast steps cannot be raised using the polyurethane technique-they are hollow and will shatter if drilled into. However, precast steps are commonly set on a slab; this slab, if settled, can be raised to make your stair even and safe.

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Gary M. of Dollard-des-Ormeaux, QC

“I took a chance from Facebook advertising and I’m very happy with service.”

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Dina M. of Fabreville, QC

“Did not check the competition. Your sales person inspired confidence. Very happy with the service and the end result 😁”

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Giovanna F. of Fabreville, QC

“Purlift did a great job on our condominium building in Chomedey Laval. Real professionals…”

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Ara B. of Laval, QC

“Very professional and friendly to deal with. 👍”

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Concrete repair can be simple and affordable - Find out how!

Technician raising sidewalk with PolyLevel®

PolyLevel® is a fast & efficient method to raise sinking concrete. This simple foam injection can stabilize your concrete slab for years to come!

PURLIFT can fix your sinking outdoor concrete problems so you can enjoy your driveway, sidewalk or patio again without worry.

In the past, contractors relied upon mudjacking (also known as slab jacking, concrete lifting, concrete raising, grout pumping and slab Leveling) to level concrete that had settled over time. This entailed pumping concrete slurry under the settled slab to raise it and hoping that the settlement wouldn’t continue.

At PURLIFT we use PolyLevel® to lift concrete slabs to a level position with less weight and disruption than the legacy mud jacking or slab jacking process.

See for yourself how PolyLevel® works, and check out our before and after photo gallery of PolyLevel® concrete repair.

We would be happy to provide you a free evaluation and estimate for concrete repair and Leveling.

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