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Commercial Concrete Leveling in Montréal, Brossard, Laval

We fix sinking sidewalks, warehouse floors, airport runways, & more

From cracked warehouse floors to uneven sidewalks and sinking roadways, PURLIFT offers PolyLevel®, a proven solution that stabilizes all types of concrete. PolyLevel® comes in multiple formulations, which means our concrete leveling solution accommodates small and large jobs, including commercial, industrial, and municipal applications.

No matter the weather or the climate, PolyLevel® works under the most extreme conditions. It uses a two-part urethane polymer that expands into a high-density foam, filling voids, lifting uneven concrete, and stabilizing the slab to solve a wide range of geotechnical and structural applications.

PURLIFT provides commercial concrete leveling services throughout Québec areas in Laval, Brossard, Montréal, and nearby. Call 1-855-214-4987 or click below to request a consultation to discuss the scope of your project.

Why choose PolyLevel® commercial concrete leveling

Maintaining safe and functional municipal, commercial, and industrial properties can be a hassle. That is why PURLIFT provides a concrete leveling system ideal for applications big and small with PolyLevel®. PolyLevel® is adjustable for loads of all sizes, providing solutions to void filling, warehouse floor leveling, parking garage repairs, driveway lifting, pool deck repairs, and so much more. Benefits of PURLIFT's concrete leveling system include:

  • Maintaining a safe environment: Uneven concrete can cause accidents and spills, leading to injury, lost time, and wasted money. That is why PURLIFT provides a highly resistant, mess-free concrete leveling system that lasts for years to come, creating a safer, more functional environment that you can count on no matter what.
  • Quick, long-lasting results: Tearing out and repouring concrete can be a costly, time-consuming, and disruptive hassle that can interrupt daily operations. With the PolyLevel® concrete leveling system, we provide a non-invasive, fast-acting solution that lasts for years to come.
  • Reduces liability issues: Owning a commercial, industrial, or municipal property can open you up to liability issues if someone falls and hurts themselves on a sinking, cracked concrete slab. Once we stabilize these slabs using the mess-free and long-lasting PolyLevel® concrete leveling system, you can have peace of mind knowing people are safe by eliminating tripping hazards.
  • Environmentally friendly: PolyLevel® concrete leveling is a cost-effective and eco-friendly system, stabilizing sinking, cracked concrete with no chemical leaching. Plus, no demolition or disposal of concrete means we also reduce landfill waste!
  • Cost-effective: Not only are concrete replacements complicated, invasive, and expensive, but they can also end up costing you more later with faulty results. PolyLevel® concrete leveling stabilizes slabs quickly, often for less than half of the cost of a replacement with no demolition or disposal of existing concrete. Plus, our system addresses the underlying cause for damage, which saves you money on future repairs.

Our commercial concrete leveling services

Sidewalk Before Concrete Leveling
Sidewalk After Concrete Leveling

Here is a sinking sidewalk lifted with the PolyLevel® concrete leveling system.


Do you have uneven sidewalks on your commercial, industrial, or municipal property? Sinking sidewalks are unsightly and can create trip hazards that are unsafe and expose you to unnecessary liabilities. Concrete raising and joint stabilization is an economical way to make your property safe and beautiful!


Warehouse Before Concrete Leveling
Warehouse After Concrete Leveling

Pictured above is a sinking, cracked concrete warehouse floor we stabilized using PolyLevel®.

Warehouse floors

Create a safer, more valuable property with the commercial concrete leveling services from PURLIFT. We use PolyLevel® to stabilize dangerous sinking, cracked concrete warehouse floors. With a better-looking, more secure property, you can increase productivity and create a more inviting space overall.


Highway Before Concrete Leveling
Highway After Concrete Leveling

Pictured above is a sinking highway we lifted using the PolyLevel® system.

Highways, roadways & bridges

With constant traffic from cars and other heavy vehicles, roads, highways, and bridges are especially vulnerable to settlement and sinking. As the roadway, highway, or bridge settles, the joints separate, creating a bumpy ride for automobiles and unsafe terrain for pedestrians.

While an uneven road, highway, or bridge is a hazard, replacing these slabs can be costly, creates headaches with traffic and construction delays, and can be a pain for those in the community with all the disruption. That is why we offer a safe, non-invasive, and quick commercial concrete leveling solution with PolyLevel®.


Patio Before Concrete Leveling
Patio After Concrete Leveling

We use the durable PolyLevel® concrete leveling system to lift sinking patios on commercial properties.


An unlevel, cracked patio can diminish your property's value, lower its curb appeal, and cause liability issues as a falling hazard. So if your commercial, municipal, or industrial property has a sinking patio, contact PURLIFT about our quick and durable concrete leveling system, PolyLevel®.


Airport Concrete Leveling
Railroad Concrete Leveling

Here are examples of PolyLevel® being used to level an airport runway and a railroad.

Airport runways, railroad repairs & more

From airport runways to railroad repairs, PolyLevel® is a quick and effective concrete leveling solution that can be adjusted to suit a wide range of applications - no matter how big or small.


Driveway Before Concrete Leveling
Driveway After Concrete Leveling

The PolyLevel® concrete leveling system can stabilize sinking driveways on commercial properties.


Do you notice a bump every time you pull into the driveway on your commercial, industrial, or municipal property? PURLIFT can fix that! Cracks and slabs can be leveled with our exclusive concrete leveling system to achieve an even, smooth driveway.


Staircase Before Leveling
Staircase After Leveling

Pictured above is a sinking front stoop that we leveled with PolyLevel®.


A sunken step can be a challenge to maneuver and create a dangerous falling hazard on your commercial, municipal, or industrial property. PURLIFT can correct your step, raising it to the standard height required by code. While precast steps cannot be raised using the polyurethane technique because they are hollow and will shatter if drilled into, precast steps are commonly set on a slab; this slab, if settled, can be raised to make your stair even and safe.


Void filling using PolyLevel®.

Void filling

Vibrations, animal damage, and washouts can displace and erode supporting materials, creating voids under your concrete slabs that will cause them to sink. Filling these voids with polyurethane will raise the section to the correct level.

Even if the concrete is not settled, voids can cause slabs to crack when they are not supported from beneath. Polyurethane foam can fill the void and prevent further water damage.


Contact PURLIFT for all your commercial concrete leveling needs

PURLIFT can help you maintain a safe and functional commercial, industrial, and municipal property with our durable and stress-free concrete leveling system, PolyLevel®. From sinking warehouse floors to uneven sidewalks and damaged parking garages, PolyLevel® concrete leveling can handle jobs big and small.

Schedule a commercial concrete leveling quote to get started. We serve Québec areas throughout Brossard, Montréal, Beloeil, Saint-Hubert, Longueuil, Repentigny, Saint-Constant, Anjou, Blainville, Laval, and nearby.

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