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Deep Foam Injection

Do you have sinking concrete, asphalt, or gravel? Consider PURJECTION by PURLIFT®, which is the process by which foam is injected deeper into the ground to increase the load-bearing capacity of substrates.

Installing foam deeper into the ground is done to repair the subgrade that allowed the surface to settle in the first place. DFI is not only the process by which soil strength is improved, but the surface above the soil can also be lifted within the same process, whether it’s concrete slabs, asphalt, or gravel. These types of lifts can be applied to numerous types of infrastructure such as roads & highways (asphalt), railroads (gravel), rural roads (gravel/dirt), bridges (asphalt/concrete), and much more.

Knowing where to install injection points and how much material to pump can differ from job to job. For more precise placement, testing tools, soil analysis, or engineering reports are essential in evaluating each situation. Post-project soil testing can verify the results achieved by injecting foam.

Deep foam injection can address common problem areas that may occur due to events such as the installation/removal of water mains, thus disrupting the soil, weak soils created when houses/buildings are built, or disturbed soil usually within four feet of a newly constructed foundation.

DFI can be compared to tree roots. As a tree grows, the roots sprawl out in different directions. It is often suggested that to prevent erosion, plant trees that develop root systems. The root system intertwines with the earth, binding it together. In short, PURJECTION creates man-made root systems by way of deep foam injection.

PURJECTION creates man-made root systems by way of deep foam injection.

Advantages of Deep Foam Injection

  • Repair unstable soils in addition to lifting/leveling surface area
  • Installation of a stronger foundation to support structures that have settled
  • Foam follows the path of least resistance and in filling weak areas
  • Fills fissures and ground voids
  • Fills voids holding water and permanently displaces collected water
  • Increases load-bearing capacity of subgrade
  • Permanent repair, foam never changes shape or absorbs groundwater
  • Foam permeates weak soils upon expansion, binding and solidifying loose soils
  • Eco-friendly - does not leach chemicals into the ground

Conditions where outdoor concrete has already begun to sink, are not uncommon in Québec and are often the result of shifting of a weak soil base or erosion. If you have noticed sinking concrete, asphalt or gravel surfaces in Montréal, Brossard, Laval, call us today to learn more!

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